Equities and Derivatives Desk

Based on our understanding and knowledge of emerging markets in particular we provide execution and arranging services for the following products:

• Equities Europe and USA.
• Global Depository Receipts ("GDRs") listed on the London Stock Exchange or other European Exchanges.
• American Depository Receipts ("ADRs") listed in USA on NYSE and NASDAQ amongst others.

We advise, arrange, structure and trade in interest rates, currencies, commodities, fixed income securities, enter into a wide range of derivative transactions on behalf of clients and engage in proprietary trading.

Orbit has an international presence in the derivatives market through its relationships with some of the leading institutions of UK, USA, Europe and the Middle East. We arrange and advise on a variety of structured products, capital guaranteed notes, futures and options based on commodities, indices, currencies or interest rates. We structure products according to the investors' appetite and risk preferences on different classes of assets.

Fixed Income Desk

Operating on a riskless principal basis which avoids any conflict of interest while executing orders for our clients. We believe in providing the highest level of services to our clients with integrity and professionalism.

Orbit is a market leader with one of the most respected trading teams in London which specialises on papers issued out of India be it Convertible Bonds/Investment Grade paper or High Yielding paper. Our Securities team has active trading relations with over 350 global institutions that include proprietary trading desks, hedge funds, asset managers, funds, family offices and private wealth managers.

Orbit has also made inroads in other Emerging market bonds with trading now in other Far Eastern names and now intends to develop in other areas to provide an even better service to its clients.

We have transacted a volume of over USD 1.3 bln in 2015 mainly in securities out of India. We settle all trades in house as we are a self clearing firm with Euroclear. An experienced middle office compliments the trading desk and provides strong support to the desk and clients alike.

Corporate Finance

Orbit provides a range of Corporate Finance Services designed to meet clients’ strategic objectives in the following areas:

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Orbit advises clients on a wide range of strategic transactions including mergers, acquisitions, asset purchases, divestitures, restructurings and reorganizations. We offer solutions to companies by advising on valuations, deal structuring, pricing, negotiating strategy & tactics, as well as managing the transaction process.

Equity Raising

The Corporate Finance team provides advice on a broad range of related matters including raising new funds, balance sheet restructuring and negotiating with investors. We have significant experience in all types of IPO’s and placings, with a focus on mid to small-cap companies. Orbit has a considerable transaction record of raising equity funds; acting as lead manager and as financial adviser, through a number of Global Depository Receipts ("GDRs") listings

Transaction Track Record ("GDRs")


Convertible Bond Raising
We provide issuers with customised solutions for their financing needs, utilising domestic and international private and public debt issues, as well as risks management using derivative products. Furthermore we have a substantial transaction record of raising funds by advising and arranging a number of Convertible Bonds primary deals.

Transaction Track Record (CBs)








Private Placements

Our team advises on a number of Private Equity Placements, namely

• Private capital raisings for companies
• Private Investment, Public Equity financing on behalf of public companies

Restructurings and recapitalizations for both private and public companies




Global Investment

Our Investment Advice business offers clients an opportunity to participate in a broad range of asset classes. The activities are broadly divided into two areas namely Equity Funds, and Real Estate Funds.

Equity Funds

We advise and structure funds on behalf of financial sponsors as well as assist in the fund raising process in attracting potential investors. Orbit has acted as investment advisor to a number of Equity Funds who have wished to allocate assets into South-Asia with a multi-strategy perspective.

Real Estate Funds

We provide investment advice services to property investors, funds ands clients seeking to invest in real estate either for strong capital growth or by providing a secure stable income return. The team can structure funds for new projects, and has put together commercial and residential assets both in UK and overseas.
Orbit has acted as an investment advisor to a few property funds in the commercial and residential property sectors both in the UK and Europe.